Speech Impediment

I can't say what I mean. I don't always mean what I say. I try to express a thing, and it comes out to be another thing entirely. I start talking mid-thought, as if you can read my mind. This must be why I always wanted to be a writer. If only there were time … Continue reading Speech Impediment


I don't need to do any soul-searching to realize that I'm bored with the turn my life has taken. When the world slows, when the deadlines are met, when there is time to breathe... that's when I come to face it. There I am, numb in the brain. I cannot stand to do this with … Continue reading Stuck


After reading the VOGUE "Shape" issue in which women reveal the parts of their bodies that they truly despise: tummies, chins, thighs, butts, etc., it occurs to me that I don't know what part of my body I hate more than any other. It also occurs to me that this probably wasn't the point of … Continue reading Q&A


An overwhelming moment, standing beneath the loft bed, surrounded on all sides by old writing drafts—boxes here, scattered pages there, a tower on the bookshelf, a cabinet full. It feels symbolic somehow. That I can't move ahead with my life when I have this disappointment all around me. I spend my days living under its … Continue reading Cleansing


I can't believe I'm sitting here in public trying to write. It's such an absurd activity some days. I started the morning at one table, not a prime table away from the door because the best ones were being used, so a backup table, a compromise. I was uncomfortable. I was aware of who could … Continue reading Fishbowl