As Technology Fails Me

We all know the sad tale of my dead iBook, so apparently I cause technological meltdowns and other catastrophes. Today my magic turned to cyberspace. My Gmail has been broken all day—unable to access emails since around 8:00 this morning, and then now when I try it I can miraculously log in, but there were no emails all day. That’s obviously wrong because WordPress emails me my blog comments and three comments came through today during Gmail’s downtime. So at least three emails didn’t reach me today.

Which can mean one thing and one thing only…

There may have been some emails that I missed! Lost! Irretrievable!

As someone who obsessively checks email and mail in the soaring hopes of finding some good news as opposed to the much more frequent bad, I am not happy. What did I miss today? Not knowing horrifies me.

This, I can’t forgive. I need a new email account.

(Um, so, all the emails I missed are slowly coming into the account. So I guess they’re not gone forever. So I’ll shut up now.) 


  1. Urgh! Frustrating!!! My job is turning me into a compulsive email-checker…I get twitchy when it goes down for 10 minutes.

  2. I’m an obsessive email checker too. Go us!

    I’m glad your missed emails are coming back, though. That has to be a relief. The very prospects of missing emails and having accounts closed unexpectedly and on and on are terrifying ones. Here’s to long-lived, healthy, trouble-free web-based email accounts!

  3. I tried to write the old fashioned way – with pen and paper – and man, was that a mess! It was really hard, and that worries me a little!

  4. I had problems with gmail yesterday too! Only, I could access my email and send messages, but they never got to their destinations, they bounced back, or they resent themselves 6 hours later, confusing all recipients with their double existences.

    It’s strange when you realize how dependent you’ve become on something you have no control over, isn’t it?

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