Not-Writing Day

Yesterday I didn’t write. I worked. I went to my weekend writing spot with every intention of writing, at least for the morning, but then started panicking about the freelance copyediting project I have, opened up the file, started working, and the day was shot from there.

A day in which I don’t write is rotten, a waste. I came home feeling angry—angry at the world, angry at daylight savings time, but it’s not the world’s fault, or the clock’s fault, it’s mine.

Just thinking about yesterday fills me with guilt. Weekdays, days I have to be at work, I can forgive. But a Sunday, a day off, a day at my writing desk? I should be punished for wasting that.

You know what would make it that much worse? Spending my morning now writing this post offline about how I didn’t write yesterday, so I end up not writing today.

So I wasted a day. So I was bad. I am also not in a race for anything; the only deadlines I’m up against are the arbitrary ones I set in my own head.

I’m going to let go of my mistake. I didn’t write; I admit it. But I can turn it all around today.


  1. It is great to write every day, but it is also mandatory that you don’t write at times. You need to breathe and walk around and do stupid stuff. You need to “not write” at times. Give yourself some breaks, some little bubbles to do silly things inbetween.

    It is funny how beautiful the sky is when you really look at it.

  2. My non-writing day has gone about a week so I feel your pain. But I like waking up and feeling like I can turn it all around, as you say, and I hope I do and I hope you do too. 🙂

  3. Writing a little every day is a new commitment for me, very new. I’m trying it out. On days I write, even for an hour, I feel happier. I haven’t been too happy lately, so every little bit counts.

    As for the weekends, since I work full-time at a busy office, Saturdays and Sundays are the only real days I have. I’m just mad at myself for wasting that time copyediting instead. Copyediting is NO fun!
    Courtney, it did start to turn around today 😉 I hope it did for you, too.

  4. I’ve taken a week off the academic book. It was going so badly, I figured I might as well. And sometimes a break is a refreshing thing. It allows literary problems time in the backrooms of the mind where all the useful work takes place. Never mind, Nova, it will all be waiting for you tomorrow.

  5. Your dedication is wonderful, and such a great inspiration for others (like me). Don’t be overwhelmed by guilt though, you can make it up by writing more today and tomorrow!

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