Needing to Write

This post from goodthomas cheered me up.

He says:

Someone recently asked me why, after being an actor for so many years, why I would want to write, why I would want to subject myself to more rejection. I smiled and said that as an actor, I had to audition, I had to have someone give me a role, an opportunity, a part in a play or a film. Then I could act. I could not act without a venue to do so. Even auditioning — I had to be given an audition time in which to “ask” for an opportunity to act. Now, I am not asking anyone for anything. I need to write, in and of itself. I need to finish this novel, I need to write more. I am not asking anything of anyone. Just myself.

I love that so much.

I’m heading to work now, but that’s where I’ll leave it at the moment. I can change. I will change. Because the one person I have control over is myself.


3 thoughts on “Needing to Write

  1. I am extremely touched that you included that passage in your post today, but much more pleased that you liked it.

    I think you share that great desire to write as well, Nova, I just wish you gave yourself the time, in your heart, to do so. I love “the one person I have control over is myself.” I think that works two ways — in pushing and pleasing yourself but also understanding and loving (unconditionally) yourself.

    I hope you are well.

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