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Caught in the Rain

The downfall of rain is soothing to me this morning. It’s the sound, the mist in the air, the patter on my umbrella as I cut my way through it. Calming.

Yesterday—amid no rain—I found myself having to give advice to someone I love, but nothing I could say was the right thing, and I knew that. It felt all too familiar. I, too, feel trapped, and discouraged, and incapable of fixing things for myself. And if I can’t find my way out of my own mess, how can I point someone else to the way out of theirs? I said: This year, try to change one thing. Just one thing. It is overwhelming to have so many things to fix about your life, so maybe a single thing is more attainable. But this person said they did not know what one thing to start on, and I hear that, I do. It was a helpless feeling, watching the taxi cab head north into the night, wondering what else I could have said.

And now, this morning, the rain. And I look at the weather forecast, and for days this week, more rain. I want to say the rain will bring some kind of clarity, but I don’t know that. I just hope it’s soothing the anxiety in someone else’s heart this morning. That sound, that mist—I hope I’m not the only one to feel better from it.

One response to “Caught in the Rain”

  1. I came here because of the thinking blogger stamp, but there’s more than that here. It’s tough to give advice when you feel you need it, but when it’s what’s needed from you, giving it is a kindness.

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