10 Favorite Short Stories

[EDIT: Now 11!]

Inspired by LK’s list of her ten favorite short stories, I’ve sought out ten of my current favorites. I say “current” because I know I’m forgetting some real doozies; I just can’t find them now to recall what they were. The list is in alphabetical order, because I can’t seem to play favorites beyond putting together this list:

  • “The Bloody Chamber” by Angela Carter
  • “Call My Name” by Aimee Bender
  • “Civilwarland in Bad Decline” by George Saunders
  • “Dirty Wedding” by Denis Johnson
  • “Disentangling” by Peter Rock
  • “Floating Bridge” by Alice Munro
  • “The Hotel Capital” by Olga Tokarczuk
  • “Planetisimal” by Keri Hulme
  • “The Toughest Indian in the World” by Sherman Alexie
  • “White Angel” by Michael Cunningham
  • And, thanks to Susan, I remembered how much I absolutely love “Hunger” by Lan Samantha Chang—I won’t delete any of the favorites above, but “Hunger” would have surely made it on there, so this list has now hit 11 😉

LK also has a short story challenge. I’m up for it. I really want to read “The Babysitter” by Robert Coover.

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