Must Be Good


I must be very, very good this weekend. I have an enormous amount of freelance work to do, so it’s not a weekend at all—more like a whole other work week entirely. Outside is the world, but I am not allowed outside. I must fight the urge to take a nap underneath my desk (sometimes that little pocket looks so inviting). I must not read magazines—that’s a given. I must not write a really long post about all the things I must not do.

Do you ever have a very busy batch of days ahead of you and you get convinced, completely and totally convinced, that if you had those days free you’d most assuredly reach a breakthrough in your artistic development and accomplish an inspired work of such brilliance your life would never be the same again?

Yeah… well… If that’s about to happen, I hope the brilliance can hold off till next weekend.

6 responses to “Must Be Good”

  1. Happens to me all the time. However, I think it’s less about brilliance-to-be than it is about a ‘revolt against authority’ for me. We’ve all seen how I spend my spare time. Too often, it ends up being that teevee-watching, snacking ordeal you described a few entires back.

    Well, at least for me.


  2. What a gorgeous green! If you don’t mind, I’m going to print this out on the color printer at work and hang it up. I love that kind of brilliance. Where is this a view from? I’m hungering for it now!

    And in answer to your question, HELL YES. There should be a term for that state of mind, so we writers or artists in general can just say something like “I’m on the verge, man” and we all nod to one another wisely and then (try to) return to our work.


  3. Thanks, Sognatrice. I like that: “Brilliance delayed is NOT in fact brilliance denied.” I might need to stamp it on my hand to remember.
    Yojo, I have had to sequester myself from the TV all day. For serious. There is no TV here. However, when I get home I have the first DVD in season one of Deadwood (why do I always get it confused with something called Deadlands???) — I’ve never seen season one, and now I can thanks to Netflix. I plan to NOT work and NOT write and sit on the couch and watch it tonight.
    W, I truly hope this doesn’t disappoint you, please don’t get mad at me for being misleading, but… That is not in fact lush greenery. No trees, or even bushes. It’s some kind of painted scene (contact paper?) that was plastered on the basement windows of a restaurant downtown. If you’re near the Apple Store in SoHo, this place is on Greene Street I think… or maybe Mercer Street… where it intersects with Prince. It looks so inviting when you look in from the outside, don’t you think?


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