A Whyohwhy Day

Do you ever have one of those days where you wonder why you keep trying? Where, just a day previous, you were convinced you were somehow worthy and now today you're just not so sure? Yeah, well... I got another rejection today, one I'd been waiting on for 5+ months. And my writers conference fantasy … Continue reading A Whyohwhy Day

Losing My Spot

I am writing this quick dispatch from my morning writing spot in the few stolen moments between paragraphs, a mere hour until I have to run in for a meeting at work. This is the coffee chain downtown that has seen me write truly hundreds of pages in the past couple of years (if you … Continue reading Losing My Spot


It was an odd weekend. I napped twice in the span of three days. I do not nap; it's something I try to avoid at all costs, all thoughts of napping forbidden! (Though, I'll admit, I think longingly of leisurely afternoons spent napping more often than I should.) If I do nap, if I cannot … Continue reading Napped


I attended my little sister's college graduation this week—two separate ceremonies at a large urban university. She surprised us, and herself, by graduating with honors in her major, and magna cum laude. She had no idea, in fact, until we saw the symbols next to her name in the commencement program and texted the news … Continue reading Graduation