Feeling Odd

A certain circumstance in my life is about to change next month—will post details when I've told everyone who needs to know tomorrow; you never know who's reading this—and I'm just sitting here reeling. It's the weirdest thing, but knowing my daily routine will change, that I will have a new shot at things, just … Continue reading Feeling Odd


Where oh where have I been? Was I eaten by wolves? No. Was I abducted by little gray beings and fondled with electrodes? No—not that I'm saying that couldn't happen. I've just been busy working on some freelance projects, regretting saying yes to them, to one project in particular, to one very long project that … Continue reading Swallowed


I'm worthless at night, my head filled with fuzz. After getting up early in the mornings to make a not-always-successful attempt to write, then a full day at work, I can't exactly function properly when I get home around 7. Sometimes I don't hear what is being said to me; that's probably very annoying. Sometimes … Continue reading Fuzzy