An Example of How Brilliant I Am

Something to keep in mind: I should make sure to type in my correct phone number on the supporting materials when applying for writing awards! I am using the last hours with my computer to get a new application ready and discovered, to equal amusement and horror, that I applied to an award this past … Continue reading An Example of How Brilliant I Am

Return to Paper

My laptop will be leaving me tomorrow. It has a small crack in the palm rest and I am sending it away to be fixed. I have been told it will take seven to ten business days, though all they have to do is pop off the top case and put a new one on. … Continue reading Return to Paper


The discovery of Writer, Rejected's "Literary Rejections on Display" blog yesterday set into motion a series of thoughts in my demented head. First, commiseration. I feel you, Writer, Rejected. It sucks. And at the same time it can also be really, really funny. Heart-wrenchingly funny. The kind of funny that gives you nosebleeds. I felt … Continue reading Damage

Such Quiet

While the world goes on at homeā€”the familiar noise, the banging, the whoops, the heels on floorboards, the stumbles on stairs, the sirens, the honks, the car alarms going off again, the incessant buzzing of someone who wants to get into the building but doesn't live here, our neighbor slamming her door then forgetting something … Continue reading Such Quiet


Hello, spot against the wall. It feels like it's been such a long time since I sat at this table, with the time to write whatever I want. Really it's been about a week, but that week had enormous proportions. It was a week in which I felt barely a thought of my own, just … Continue reading Hello