Soon There Will Be Trees

E and I are going on a short retreat this weekend. There will be trees. There will be a pond. There will be quiet, I am sure of it, some quiet. Cicadas at night, too. Or will they be crickets? I doubt I’ll know the difference.

Usually I never want quiet; I live in New York City; obviously I care little about quiet. I am proudly numb to noise. Or I used to be. But something is breaking up inside me, this vision of what I wanted my life to be, of who I should be and want to be and am.

So I have some time outside of this life to get my head straight. Two people are being very generous to let us stay in their house while they’re away. Did I mention the trees? The pond?

Anyway, we hope to use the time to write. E will be working on his script; I’ll be working on…

I have no idea.

I figure the mood will strike me once I get there.

3 responses to “Soon There Will Be Trees”

  1. I love you very much- e too. I hope against hope that this little retreat will give you some peace and clarity. Failing that, maybe some time to catch up on your sleep?

    Take care!


  2. Thank you both! I am here now. There are bats! Many, many bats flying over the pond just outside the window! Maybe I will somehow find myself writing about bats…?


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