An Example of How Brilliant I Am

Something to keep in mind: I should make sure to type in my correct phone number on the supporting materials when applying for writing awards! I am using the last hours with my computer to get a new application ready and discovered, to equal amusement and horror, that I applied to an award this past year with a typo in my own phone number. What if—and I’m really stretching here—but what if the admissions committee had miraculously loved me and called me to tell me so but it was the wrong number and some beastly person picked up and snapped at them and made them hang up the phone and change their minds and give the award to someone else? What if they got no answer? What if everything was riding on this one phone call?

I mean, yeah the chances are slim. But, What if?

Sometimes I am just so totally awesome.

4 responses to “An Example of How Brilliant I Am”

  1. Ah! I am familiar with this kind of brilliance! There are days when I am quite the expert at shooting myself in the foot…

    It’s one of the reasons most of my real journal entries will never see the light of day!


  2. Ha ha! That is totally something I would (and perhaps have already) done…and I’ve done worse. Oh, much worse. Embarrassingly so.


  3. Ack. I share this same awesomeness that afflicts you. There was the time I sent out manuscripts with an old email address on the letters, the time I queried agents when I was so totally frazzled I sent tailored query letters to the wrong agents… I feel your pain.


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