Where I Am When Summer Ends

I am about to have a cavity drilled. I am behind in my deadlines. I am settled, pretty much, in my new job. I am on the verge of writing something real. I am reading two magazines and four books, which has meant just carrying one of each around with me since I don't have … Continue reading Where I Am When Summer Ends

Traveling Ideas

I keep getting these ideas when I'm traveling. I don't have to be traveling far. They come when I'm walking the sidewalk. While crossing the street. On the subway. In an elevator. Climbing flights of stairs. Last week, they were flooding through me while I traveled in a crowded train on tracks running north alongside … Continue reading Traveling Ideas


I am a study in extremes. One day I feel good about something I've written; the next day I want to tear it up and spit on it and stomp it into an unrecognizable mush and kick it around a little after that, get my aggression out, make myself feel worse than I already do. … Continue reading High/Low