Traveling Ideas

I keep getting these ideas when I’m traveling. I don’t have to be traveling far. They come when I’m walking the sidewalk. While crossing the street. On the subway. In an elevator. Climbing flights of stairs. Last week, they were flooding through me while I traveled in a crowded train on tracks running north alongside the Hudson River.

The ideas are moving, you see. If I don’t go running to catch them, they’ll leave me behind. They sure do not want to wait until the end of September, when I’ll be free of deadlines and ready to pay them attention. They’re trying to get me to chase them. The thing is, I don’t want them to stop. Each time I get closer and closer into the novel. The next one could push me over the edge and I want to be pushed, I want over this edge. How can I keep them coming? Clearly we should book that trip to Vancouver.

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