Not Sick

Ten days to deadline and 54 pages still to go and how am I doing?

I have a cold. I have pink tissues (did not expect them to be so pink!), throat lozenges, vitamin fizzy drinks, Zicam to stick up my nose, soy in my mocha instead of milk. Still, I am in denial about this cold. I am not sick, I have been telling myself. My body seems to think otherwise. Who will win?

Fact is, I can’t get sick. I just can’t. Okay, in October I can get sick. There is a window of time (after deadline and before vacation) in which this cold is allowed to return, if it is so inclined, as long as it doesn’t linger past a few days, but not now! Now I need bursts of energy. A clear, unfoggy mind. Now is not the time for snot.

I am really not happy about this.

Therefore, I am going to pretend that it’s not happening. I am perfectly fine. Please, I can’t be sick right now. Please, please, sniffles, go away and come back another day, I beg you.

6 responses to “Not Sick”

  1. jadepark says:

    Well–I hope your “allergies” go away soon. 🙂 And I hope they don’t flare up into something larger!!!

    Ugh. A runny nose and all of that just sucks.

  2. courtney says:

    Vics Vaporub! I would suggest that if you were sick and tell you to feel better soon. If you were sick.

    Which you are not.

    (I hope the sniffles take a raincheck!!)

  3. pmousse says:

    Well, of course you’re sick. You’ve likely been running on fumes forever, and now your body is making its final protest over the level of stress.

    Vitamin C. Lots of it.

  4. Heddy_e says:

    Ohhhhh feel better fast! I know being sick is just damn inconvenient!

  5. Sudafed, sudafed, sudafed: will dry you like a bone and pep you up like…caffeine. Be careful about mixing the two.

  6. weltschmerz says:

    *scaring your (s)ickness away with wild flappings of her arms*

    I feel your pain. Really.

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