Not Sick

Ten days to deadline and 54 pages still to go and how am I doing?

I have a cold. I have pink tissues (did not expect them to be so pink!), throat lozenges, vitamin fizzy drinks, Zicam to stick up my nose, soy in my mocha instead of milk. Still, I am in denial about this cold. I am not sick, I have been telling myself. My body seems to think otherwise. Who will win?

Fact is, I can’t get sick. I just can’t. Okay, in October I can get sick. There is a window of time (after deadline and before vacation) in which this cold is allowed to return, if it is so inclined, as long as it doesn’t linger past a few days, but not now! Now I need bursts of energy. A clear, unfoggy mind. Now is not the time for snot.

I am really not happy about this.

Therefore, I am going to pretend that it’s not happening. I am perfectly fine. Please, I can’t be sick right now. Please, please, sniffles, go away and come back another day, I beg you.

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