A Little Less Heavy

I am no closer to the imminent end to the endless manuscript that will be holding me hostage through the weekend.

But today was a better day, even still. Yesterday I got my revision notes on my Alice manuscript—one that I thought would surely carry through into October. But the revisions were much simpler than I expected. I finished them last night, emailed them to the editor, and today got the news that we’re done and it’s approved. So sudden! And one less thing to worry about.

Also, these comments from the editor helped:

Hi Nova,

Attached are my comments/questions. You did such a fantastic job on this! I literally could not stop laughing. When you can, please take a look and let me know what you think. (There really are very few changes.) Thanks again for doing this book. I’m glad your schedule worked out for it. It’s great.

And, after my revisions, when it was approved later this afternoon:

I should hire you to write everything for us! It would make my life so much easier…

Thanks again for such a great (and clean) manuscript.

Will I ever hear something like that from an editor about my real writing?

It will soon be time to try.

Today I went out to lunch with two coworkers. For a few minutes there, we were talking about my writing—I may have been agonizing a little too much over the manuscript due Monday and how much work I have to do; I really shouldn’t talk about this with coworkers, I’ll surely drive them away and I have so few friends at work anyway—but one turned to me and asked if I ever thought of writing a novel. I was stunned for a second there. I mean, of course. I mean, I am. I have; I will again; this one will be better. Of course I’ve thought of it. I think of it every single day.

Oh, and the best part of the day: My boss approved a personal day for me on Friday.

A day off! I so need it.


7 responses to “A Little Less Heavy”

  1. That’s awesome, Nova! Congrats on finishing the Alice MS (and on the awesome remarks, more of which I don’t doubt are in teh future). I hope you spend your Friday putting your feet up and doing a million things that you enjoy. Needless to say, you’ve earned it a bazillion times over & thensome x infinity.


  2. *sigh*

    And a rejection letter today:

    Thank you very much for submitting work to [Magazine] and our apologies for the delayed response. This piece isn’t right for the magazine, but please keep us in mind for other pieces. We are interested in reading more of your work.



  3. Imagine that you have to collect, say, 200 of those before you get an acceptance. The faster you send the stuff out…it’s just a matter of time. I think I maybe sent out 100 before my first litmag acceptance. You read literary rejections on display! Be proud of those rejections: they are necessary evil steps to acceptance.


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