I’ve been setting some things aside to inspire me when needed. Now that I’ve reached the end of my deadlines, the time has come.

This beautiful post from my magician friend Lucksmith at Bored Ludic? gets my heart pumping each time I read it. He says (and please forgive me for quoting so liberally):

I wanted to become a magician, because I wanted to see more magic. I wanted to be good enough to sit at the table.

Your art is the same. Whatever it may be.

Start slowly. Be bad.

That is where most people fail. They hate to be bad and expect that they can be good instantly. They sell expensive guitars years later with the thought ‘I just wasn’t very good’.

Forgive yourself. Keep being bad every week.

Meet others, and talk about what is meaningful in your art or theirs. Share, and try to be the worst artist in the room. By this I mean: little fish big pond is better.

You’ll get better. Don’t stop. Show less people maybe, but never stop.

Consider the rejection a magician gets. The disappointment on a child’s face when they see how you hid the coin is timelessly brutal. Your own criticism is permanently echoing in your mind.

Just don’t stop. Don’t stop until you have a seat at the table.

I love that. Maybe I will be bad; maybe I will be good. But that is what I will be trying for, just my seat at the table.

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