Some NaNoWriMo Confessions

Full disclosure: I do not know if I can do this. But I'm doing it anyway! I do not have an outline beyond the first chapter, and ideas for two more chapters scribbled in a notebook while I was preoccupied here. So I will have to wing it. Which is daunting. And exhilarating. And possibly … Continue reading Some NaNoWriMo Confessions


The new novel has been on my mind. Other things have been happening, but all along there's been this unsettled feeling in me: I haven't accomplished enough; I'm not where I wanted to be; it's time to change that; how long have I been saying that?; is it too late?; it can't be too late. … Continue reading Unaccomplishments


No answer yet, and none expected for one, two, three (?) days. As a writer, I am all too familiar with this state of waiting. Someone says they have an answer for you, but they don't know when. It could be good, they hint, but they don't say it outright, which brings to mind the … Continue reading Limbo


This afternoon members of the Antioch College community are expecting (hoping) for a decision from the university Board of Trustees announcing that the college can stay open past the spring of 2008. The Alumni Board has raised more than $18 million to that end. We want a yes. As you can see, signs have been … Continue reading Waiting…