Ever Been to the AWP Conference?


The annual Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP) Annual Conference is in New York this year!

And I was just out at lunch talking about how we can’t afford NYC anymore and maybe it’s time to leave.

Anyone ever been to this conference? I want to go—but of course I have to request the days off from work first.

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10 responses to “Ever Been to the AWP Conference?”

  1. I looooove AWP. I’ve been to three now and they’ve all been stimulating, inspiring, moving, exhausting. I’m coming to AWP/NYC and speaking on a panel, so please please please go. SO much better than going to work – and you already live there!


  2. It’s this winter, 1/30-2/2.

    How exciting! I’m going to ask for the time off this week, fingers crossed, and if I get a yes, I’m registering.


  3. I’ve been twice. I am hoping to go this year as well – it’s a large and overwhelming conference so I try and only go every other year. This is the year I should go – I need to review the schedule and make a decision SOON. One really does need to buck oneself up for it, though – it’s a whole lot of writers trying to get their books published – writers of every stripe. You have to be willing to listen to everybody talk about his or her book.


  4. I went to the one in Chicago a few years ago (they’ll return to Chicago in 2009), acting as my friend’s unofficial publicist for her first collection of stories, and it was a pretty heady, exhilarating experience, what with meeting so many writers and attending interesting panels. I admit I didn’t go to as many panels as I would have liked, but the lineup for the upcoming conference looks fantastic. Also, re registering: At Chicago’s AWP, I seem to recall that after the first day, nobody checked anymore if you were registered or not. Can somebody confirm this regarding other AWPs? I suppose, though, that security in NYC will be ratcheted up…?


  5. I’ve been several times–it’s very fun, but exhausting. I’ve heard some amazing writers read, too. I’m thinking abt going this year, haven’t made my mind up yet.


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