14 Years Today

14 years together with e today! How is it possible to be in love (more in love each year) with the same person for 14 years? I have no idea how it turned out this way, but I can tell you it is possible. E and I grew up together. We would not be who we are without the other. When I have a secret he’s the first person to know. When I write, he’s the first person to read it. I know I’ve run into some questionable luck with my writing over the years, but I am very, very lucky to have this partner—it makes all of the rest seem insignificant. I couldn’t be more grateful. There are many more things to say, but I’ll tell him in person. Today is one of my most favorite days of the year.

9 responses to “14 Years Today”

  1. I happen to know that it’s also your wedding anniversary today. So happy anniversary to you too! (October 16 is clearly the best day ever.)


  2. Yeah, it totally snuck up on us. Ninjanniversary. I was already at work, and Annika was playing with Sam and she’s all: “Hey, what day is it?” and Sam was probably like “Baaaaaah?”


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