The Giddy Stage

I’m at that point when you’re writing a novel when you’re not even actually writing the novel but still you think you’re gold. You know: The ideas shimmering… Your words poised to come out… Not a single line on the page, but the whole thing seems finished somehow, in your mind.

I bet there are tens of thousands of writers out there having this feeling, what with NaNoWriMo speedily approaching.

This morning before work I got a more solid handle on my idea and started outlining. Then at work I got swallowed and forgot all about the idea, and I only remembered on the subway ride home. And giddiness ensued:


I was so giddy, I had to write it down on the train. To translate:

I found the November novel this morning. ‘[Title blurred due to superstition]’ is the working title. [Initials of the working title blurred due to further (perhaps paranoid?) superstition]… don’t want to talk too much about it in front of people. I don’t want it to get ruined. But it has my idea for ‘[Title of short story, blurred, of course]’ and expands on it (maybe one chapter could become a story?). Also has the idea for the novel, the [name of place] novel, but I am not going in that direction (adding the adult perspective) yet. If you are wondering [who am I talking to here? my future self?] why my handwriting is all goofy it’s because I’m writing this on the subway. While riding backwards. (Plus my fingers are tired from work, my palms aching from being clenched.) [It’s from holding a pencil. Really.] I love going alongside another train. So this novel, YA or not? I am not sure yet. The end will differ, depending. The perspective. The length. I am almost home. I need to keep outlining. I am going to write a new novel! (shaky train)

Oh, and if you were curious, the outside of the notebook looks like this:


How delectable. It wants to be filled with wobbly, giddy scribbles. Maybe that’ll happen next month.

13 thoughts on “The Giddy Stage

  1. Thanks for posting this page from your notebook, I love to see how writers get excited about a new project (and also the little, ah, distractions and sidebars that find their way into the body of the outline). And what a gorgeous notebook— it’s inspired me to dig out one of my blank ones from home and use it for NaNo. Whee!

  2. Wanted to spread some more giddiness: I just suspended my cable and Internet services for all of November. Holy sh*t!

    Good luck, everybody!

  3. w: That is some serious dedication. Should I do the same? CAN I do the same? … Must think more on this.

    I’m excited so many people are doing this. I really think it will be great fun!

  4. Beautiful notebook.

    I’m going to wing it, too. Not much other choice… I haven’t even started outlining. Argh. Double argh.

  5. Ooh, lovely lovely notebook! So cool! That gives me the vibes. I like your handwriting too. I’m looking at my own notebook sitting here open in front of me and I’ve put the date at the top, 25/10 – I love knowing that someone else out there is doing something the same as me.

  6. The Giddy Stage is the best. And that notebook is AWESOME. I love all the superstitiously blurred parts. What is it about writing that breeds such superstition?! I can’t even say full character names out loud without feeling doomed, somehow.

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