This afternoon members of the Antioch College community are expecting (hoping) for a decision from the university Board of Trustees announcing that the college can stay open past the spring of 2008. The Alumni Board has raised more than $18 million to that end.

We want a yes.

As you can see, signs have been put up around campus to make that clear:





Going back to campus in a few minutes… Much going on, but it was a good day yesterday. I love the students. The Sexual Offense Prevention Policy presentation was incredible—the students did hysterical gender-bending skits and then talked candidly about what the policy means to them. I was on campus the first quarter the policy was enacted, during the media blitz, so it was amazing to see what current students thought of it. The day was spent wandering, talking, hanging out on the stoop. Saw an open mic. Saw a photo show (pieces of my senior project were in it). Saw graduates I remember from my year, though there were many I missed (!). Had an inspiring conversation with a professor I took screenwriting with. Glad I went back. Wish I could stay. Hope they say yes…

p.s. If you’re my Facebook friend, more photos there.

7 responses to “Waiting…”

  1. Negotiations are going well, the Alumni board has ordered champagne and the bell tower has been tested. We will know in about half an hour from now…


    Keep your fingers crossed!!!!


  2. weltschmerz: do you have texting? I’ve been wanting to respond via text to your voicemail all day. And the Fishbowl is nice, though our video games are gone. And the C-shop hasn’t been open to check out, but what kind of C-shop would it be without you running it?

    alexandra, I don’t know if I’ve met you yet, but hello, and hi, and my fingers are crossed too!

    matt: I know you were one of the organizers of this event, and I’m sorry you couldn’t be here. It’s been great. I honestly don’t want to leave.


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