workshopsm.jpgThe new novel has been on my mind. Other things have been happening, but all along there’s been this unsettled feeling in me: I haven’t accomplished enough; I’m not where I wanted to be; it’s time to change that; how long have I been saying that?; is it too late?; it can’t be too late. I try to smash these jumbled thoughts down, but they come back. With them are story ideas, so I’m trying to tell myself that this sense of unsettling has to be good. I expected to go back to college after all this time and have something to show for myself, but I don’t feel that way at all. Here is a picture of a classroom where I had writing workshops so many years ago. I stood there in the empty room, remembering. I will tell you it didn’t feel all good. I guess I expected to come back to campus feeling differently about myself. I also found my senior project in the gallery and peeked at the introductory essay. I felt like sitting on the floor, just there with it, facing what I expected of myself. But there were people around, talking to me, and I got distracted. One person, though, a professor I took screenwriting with so many years ago, gave me such a boost of inspiration and motivation that I hope it lasts once I land in New York. Speaking of NY, I’m at the airport now, waiting for our flight back to the East Coast. November 1 is soon. I don’t know if I’ll be able to write 50,000 words in one month, how impossible that seems, but for some reason I really need this shot at the impossible. I need this month.


6 responses to “Unaccomplishments”

  1. Nova-
    1667 words a day. There are 291 words in your post above. Can you write that post 6 times in a day? I think you can….



  2. Nova, you can do it. I KNOW you can write 50,000 words next month. And if you don’t, so what? But you might as well try – I mean, it can’t hurt anything,right?
    Sometimes a jolt to routine is exactly what a writer needs – I think you are gonna end up loving this!


  3. I know you can do it, too. 50,000 words does sound pretty insane, but the jolt from your professor, and with November being a jolt in itself, will keep you energized. Me, I’m going to close my eyes, turn down (not off) the volume of that internal editor as much as possible, and just soar.


  4. Well Nova, you will certainly have lots of company. I’ve never written anything longer than a short story in my life and I’m giving it a shot. It’s never too late until you’re dead.


  5. Eek…with all the jumple happening in my life, I hadn’t even realized how close NaNoWriMo was. Ack. Should I or shouldn’t I? I should…I should.

    I’ll try if you try…


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