Word Count as of This Morning

That counter on the side won’t load, but as of now I’ve got: 4,730.

Gotta pack up and go to work, but I don’t want to stop. But I need to stop or else I’ll be late.

What I need is a more flexible job.

Anyway, I’m getting a lot of words out for now, but I don’t imagine that’ll hold up. I know, I just know, there will be days coming up this month when not a word can be squeezed out of me, not to mention the days lost for holiday traveling and holiday eating and holiday recovery from both. So it’s good to get a little bit ahead now, while I can. Problem is, I realize that a lot of these words will have to be cut when I go back and revise after this month is over. My sentences are gargantuan. My sentences are novels of their own. But that’s for later. Yes, I know, I know: no cutting, no smoothing, no editing, no rewriting paragraph one, not yet! I have been known to spend months fiddling with a single paragraph. This NaNo’ing is an experiment against my very nature. That might be why it could help me.

If not? If I write crap and want to burn it afterward? No worries—I won’t even print the thing out. It’ll be like the month of November 2007 never happened, which if you look back at my productivity over the past several months is no big loss.

The thing is: This NaNo thing is fun. So far, anyway. Let’s check back day 15 and see if I say the same thing.

p.s. Someone is typing madly beside me, in the zone. Might he be doing NaNoWriMo, too?


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