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Day 4 Word Count

Day 4: 6806 words so far (13.6%).


But in terms of plot points, it’ll take me 100,000 words at least to reach the end of the story. I need focus.

Still having fun though!

p.s. Oh, and just saw this on Facebook (thanks for believing I can do it, Sharon!):


Nova has been nominated for Superlatives!

4:15pm Sharon nominated Nova as Most Likely To write a novel in a month


2 responses to “Day 4 Word Count”

  1. Congrats on the word count!! Yeh I don’t think my story will be finished at 50k either, or at least I hope not – we’ll see if my muse nips off for smoke rather than feeding me with more ideas.

  2. Hey, just wandered over here from LJ. Cool! And you’re doing great on the novel–stay focused!

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