Determined to Get My Daily 1,667

I have something else to work on today, a proposal I’ve had to delay due to traveling, but I am determined to reach my 1,667 words today, so I’m holding off until I get there. It’s still early in the process, so I’m trying to stay on course. Knowing me, there will be a week of doom-and-gloom and sleeping late on the couch and then chastising myself while on the subway to work for wasting my days away, you know, my tired usual. So, before that happens, I’m trying to do this as best I can. Maybe doom-and-gloom could wait till December. This month only comes along once a year!

Problem is, I think I’ve lost hold of the voice. What I thought was chapter one has extended itself beyond the limits of space and time and yet I cannot seem to describe the place I am writing about, for some reason that’s all hazy. At one point I thought I was clearly writing YA, then it shifted to litfic, now I have no clue and I really think I should know this otherwise won’t the story suffer? And, to top it all off, my characters’ names keep changing and they just went behind the house to get high. Editing this will be amusing to say the least.

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3 responses to “Determined to Get My Daily 1,667”

  1. Dear Nova,
    I love you. My main character just stole her mother’s car, drove into the city, and fell asleep in the backseat while parked in a deserted parking lot. She was dreaming of coffee.

    Perhaps our delinquents should hang out some time?


  2. I have no idea where my story is going, well, okay, I have a slight idea, but I think my characters may have other plans. My strategy is not to worry about details or consistency or anything structural – just plow ahead. You can do this, 1,667 is just 1,667. Doable.


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