Supporting the WGA Strike

As I blearily wake up to continue my pursuit of the NaNoWriMo high I’ve had for the past five days, this is the second day the film and TV writers in the WGA are on strike. If you haven’t seen it already, a great post on the screenwriter John August’s site explains reasons here, and in the comments are some very interesting questions and answers. According to his site, he was picketing at Paramount Studios yesterday. The picket lines in New York City are at Rockefeller Center, right near where I work.

Comic book and TV writer Brian K. Vaughan has a great post on his MySpace blog about the strike and why he supports it here.

While not a film or TV writer, I fully support the WGA strike. And I am an avid TV watcher, you have no idea, and no fan of reruns. (And, yes, this strike could affect my husband, a filmmaker, in more ways than I realize.)

Writers everywhere should stick together. Now, seeing as there is no Aspiring Novelists Desperately Trying NaNoWriMo This Year and Their Writing Is a Mess and They Won’t Admit That to Anyone Else Except, Oops, They Just Did strike (that I know of) I’m off to my morning writing spot to begin.

Film and TV writers: good luck! I’m with you.

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