Outcome? Foggy

I did try. I got the answer yesterday. Though technically I think it’s a no, it is a no that leaves some options open. It’s a no that could turn into something, if I kept my head up and kept working at it.

Of course, initially, all I heard was no. And, of course, the news came while I was at work. And there were some minutes where I couldn’t handle myself and had to close the door to my office so people wouldn’t see. It was hard to get through the rest of the day feeling so upset and disappointed. Today I feel better though. I slept on it. Then I reread the letter. I wrote a possible response, as it definitely merits one. And I want to keep trying, I do.

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6 responses to “Outcome? Foggy”

  1. Wish I could give some helpful advice. Is there anything that says you can’t just write what is on your mind or heart and that qualifies as a first draft? Do wish you wings to fly with…


  2. it was a very encouraging letter and that person seems absolutely great. i think you’ll make a great match when it happens.


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