It’s November 19, nighttime, which leaves me a .03% chance of writing anything before bed. I am going away for Thanksgiving on Wednesday. I have 26,526 words. And I just agreed to a project (deadline forthcoming) and to write a sample chapter for something else. (We need money to move.) And I’ve been sleeping late.

I don’t think I’ll hit 50,000 words by November 30.

There. It’s been said. Now I can move on and write like a maniac when no one’s looking. (Hey, you never know…)

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4 responses to “Disclaimer”

  1. I am not the NaNo judge but there has to be a disclaimer to it that says you do what you do, you push yourself to get as many words as you can in 30 days, and you do the best you can. After that 30 days, you look back and see what you got — to keep, to throw away, to rewrite or refine.

    You are much further along than I — cause I didn’t play — so good for you!! My hat is off to you.


  2. I am laughing so hard at your last line, Nova. This exercise has been a challenge to both of us, hasn’t it? Maybe in different ways, but all the same I’m glad we’re in it together.
    So you end up with 45K (25-30) of those useful? That’s OK.
    I’ll still buy you one of those fancy schmancy chococoffees next time I see you.


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