Now You Know My Secret Plan

Actually, I don’t have a secret plan, or a public plan, or any kind of set “plan,” not really. BlogLily wants to see plans, how we sketch our way to a destination, as she put it. What I have is a lot of hope, and a lot of skepticism, a day full of blinding optimism matched the very next day with my bottomless pit of doubt. But something keeps me going.

I do want to get somewhere. And that somewhere, as anyone who reads this blog surely knows, is that I want to be a writer. More than anything in the world. It’s all I’ve ever wanted, so these diversions into debts and day jobs and all that only push me farther away from what I want.

At the moment, this is how I plan: I go overboard. I go psychotic! I find every deadline and possible thing I could strive for and I tell myself I will get it done before the end of the month. In reality, I finish about a third of the things I set out to do. I wish I could do more—it’s never enough.

In example, the month of December. It’s a little over a week in and I’ve already (1) applied for a fellowship; (2) applied for a master class; (3) met with that agent; (4) wrote a sample chapter to audition as a ghostwriter for a new YA series; (5) accepted another freelance writing project, a quickie, and wrote and turned in the outline; (6) turned in the outline for the writing project I’d already accepted last month. Before the month ends, I have plans to (1) turn in the first chapter of the novel pitch the new editor is interested in—it’s a company I’ve never written for before, so I want to make it good; (2) consider applying for that other fellowship; (3) apply for that residency; (4) of course get the comments on both my outlines and keep moving; (5) do a concept for turning that short story into a novel; (6) work on the cinematic project I’ve been talking about with E; and most importantly: (7) WRITE (practically) EVERY DAY. Oh and there’s going upstate for the holidays. And I said I wanted to finish the *rough* draft of the novel I started in November—it may take longer than that.

And how do I plan? Color-coding in iCal, simple as that. Here’s a screen-shot of December:


It doesn’t look so bad when it’s set out in color, does it?

And December’s nothing. I’ve got BIG plans for January.


6 thoughts on “Now You Know My Secret Plan

  1. the individual voice December 9, 2007 / 1:20 pm

    It seems to me you are pretty prolific for someone who only “wants” to be a writer.

  2. nova December 9, 2007 / 1:23 pm

    Thanks. I try.

  3. jose December 9, 2007 / 1:45 pm

    That’s hilarious because I go through the same things with regards to organization. I often try new techniques and some old techniques, but I guess my brain doesn’t have enough structure to give the rest of my life structure. This made me think nonetheless. Good luck with your plans. Peace.

  4. bloglily December 18, 2007 / 2:21 pm

    OOOOO. I love ical! And what a lot of good things you have going on.

    Most important, though, as you say is to write every day. You’re amazing, Nova!

  5. sandi December 27, 2007 / 10:16 pm

    Nova, at least you’ve come up with a plan to send to bloglily. I’m still struggling to formulate one! How lame is THAT?!

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