A Day of Books, Stories, More Books, More Stories, and Long Lines (AWP Day 1)

I’ve been at the AWP conference all day. So many writers. So many choices. Such narrow escalators. Book-fair tables for miles. Only three stalls in each women’s bathroom, talk about lines! Let’s just say it’s been a jam-packed day. The first panel I attended was “Shaping a Short Story Collection”—first thing in the morning, inContinue reading “A Day of Books, Stories, More Books, More Stories, and Long Lines (AWP Day 1)”

Happiness on the Elevator

Shocker realization of the day while standing in empty elevator: I am not happy. Though who am I to assume I should be happy, to walk around thinking happiness is attainable. What a privileged existence to consider such a thing as mine for the taking. It’s foolish to expect it. Ridiculous. Absurd. The end. DoorsContinue reading “Happiness on the Elevator”

Now You See Them, Now You Don’t

I’m afraid I might be a lazy writer when it comes to character descriptions. In my own fiction, I usually do the large brushstrokes only: dark hair, dark eyes, the hands in a gesture, the mouth if it matters, just a few telling details are all I need—so I convince myself. Maybe I just don’tContinue reading “Now You See Them, Now You Don’t”

The Writing Meme

I couldn’t help myself. Here’s the meme seen on Charlotte’s Web and Writing Under a Pseudonym: What’s the last thing you wrote? For an assignment: a movie tie-in is keeping me in shape this weekend. Don’t laugh—this thing pays almost twice as much as my raise at work for the entire year, and it willContinue reading “The Writing Meme”