The results of my MRI are in:


I have a completely unremarkable brain. Or at least the exam was unremarkable.

This is good, of course, and I am relieved. Though some of my health issues are still mysteries… It’s the language they use that amuses me—unremarkable. It sort of sticks in me. A sore spot in my, I guess, unremarkable subconscious.

I need a boost of self-esteem because the truth is, most days, I do feel pretty unremarkable. The lab results know me more than they should. You know how some people just have this confidence, so enormous it’s almost blinding? I wonder where they get it. I can’t imagine going through life thinking I’m remarkable and just waiting for people to recognize it. That must be nice.

My current theory is to just keep on working really, really hard and hope there’s some recognition in that.


1. Hopeful.


3 responses to “Unremarkable”

  1. Oh dude–thank GOODNESS the MRI came out clear! Though yes, medical phrasing is kind of striking with terms like “well-nourished woman,” and “highly pleasant times three…” I’ve seen them all on dictation charts when I worked in healthcare.

    And it’s weird–as soon as you are cleared, you get ditched by your doctors, the swarm of care and concern around you dissipates. I can see why some people become hypochondriacs. But now you can begin your return to the world of the healthy and unconcerned. 🙂


  2. Thanks! I really am relieved. I don’t think the whole doctor stuff is done yet… I’m supposed to go in for one more blood test and I haven’t made the appointment with the lab yet… I guess I should call.


  3. SO glad the MRI turned out okay. Uhm, gotta love the medical jargon. “Unremarkable?” I am just going to assume that by unremarkable they mean AWESOME.


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