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Website Update

I have a website that is not this blog. It’s called novaren.com and was made for me by my awesome other half (I especially love the pale blue stars in the background). I used to not link to it from here, but I have for many months now, so I suppose it’s no secret.

I know I’m not exactly at a level in my writing career to make use of a website, but when I am, when/if I have a book out I want to plug, I will totally do many exciting things in that spot. Until then, for the first time, I decided to admit that I’ve been doing some work-for-hire writing under various pseudonyms… Information on that is added under the new tab called “YA.” Thoughts, feedback welcome. You can email me at the address to your left.


3 responses to “Website Update”

  1. Oh! That picture of you at 17 is amazing. In part because it is beautiful (you are beautiful) but in part because it reminds me of the absurdity that we did not meet until you were 25. How did that happen?

  2. Thanks! I look at the picture and think: what happened to me??

    Do I look familiar in that photo? My hair is up in the picture, but it was long, down past my shoulders. Actually now that I realize that, I might have been 16 when that photo was taken, I can’t remember. It was a shoot that my best friend Esme’s family friend did for our senior yearbook photo, so that must have been when I was 17. Damn, I can’t remember.

    It is very absurd that you and I lived in the same town and went to the same college and didn’t meet until after. Life is so weird sometimes.

  3. The picture of you at 17–when I saw it I thought it was an actress whose name is on the tip of my tongue but asklfsdaklfjsd I can’t think what it is and that is going to drive me crazy for the rest of the night, so thanks a lot. 🙂

    I like your site, I like the font and I like the minimalism. It’s classy and easy to navigate and the stars are pretty.

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