Older, Slightly Wiser, and Stuffed Full of Blueberry Pancakes

I am one year older today. All the things I’d wanted to accomplish this year didn’t happen, but I’m not beating myself up over them. I thought last year might be “my year”—but now that I’ve been through it, I can tell you it wasn’t. I’m not down about it, though. I think it helpsContinue reading “Older, Slightly Wiser, and Stuffed Full of Blueberry Pancakes”

Make-Believe: My Day as a Full-Time Writer

It occurred to me this morning, while heading out to my usual weekend spot on a day that happens to not be a weekend, that it’s almost like I’m a real writer just for the day. I know my definition of being a “real” writer changes depending on my mood—a “literary” writer, a “successful” writer,Continue reading “Make-Believe: My Day as a Full-Time Writer”

10 Signs a Book Might Be Written by Me

Charlotte at Charlotte’s Web tagged me for this meme, which honestly, as memes go, seems like a very worthwhile thing to do as a writer. This is not a distraction at all! So, do I have a distinct style, one that would be recognizably me? I hope so. Let’s see… I will try to beContinue reading “10 Signs a Book Might Be Written by Me”

Alone Time

There’s this quirk in my personality: I desperately need time alone. Sometimes this desire—this need—gets exacerbated by daily existence here on the bustling island of Manhattan: partiers in the apartments just below and above us, commuting on the subway, work, and, like this weekend, a sold-out showing of a very long movie at the bigContinue reading “Alone Time”

How Books Save Me

I love books, always have. And by that I mean the physical object of a book itself: thick pages, crisp black type you can feel beneath your finger, that hard binding, that tough spine, how when you flip through the pages they fall in a cascading arc, blindingly quick, and the air fills with thatContinue reading “How Books Save Me”

All the Things I Just Don’t Know

The AWP conference (see the last three entries) was a real jolt to me—in a good way. I felt inspired and energetic, after recovering from my physical exhaustion of course. But Monday morning, my first day back at work, was also a jolt. I had a nightmare early in the morning that I was aboutContinue reading “All the Things I Just Don’t Know”