My New Year

So okay this year I want to: finish this freelance assignment on time, write that other novel that's in the works, and finish also the first draft of that very exciting other novel, do the next assignment I said I'd do, get a few more stories published, get an agent FINALLY, go to the summer … Continue reading My New Year

Older, Slightly Wiser, and Stuffed Full of Blueberry Pancakes

I am one year older today. All the things I'd wanted to accomplish this year didn't happen, but I'm not beating myself up over them. I thought last year might be "my year"—but now that I've been through it, I can tell you it wasn't. I'm not down about it, though. I think it helps … Continue reading Older, Slightly Wiser, and Stuffed Full of Blueberry Pancakes

Loving It

Sometimes you have these moments when you're well in it. You're carving your sentences into these perfect shapes, you hit a new word, and BAM, all is exposed. Your character is sitting across the table from you—she loves where you're taking her. She even winks. You read over what you have so far and your … Continue reading Loving It

Why Not?

Early this morning, when I stumbled out of the bedroom all bleary-eyed second-guessing my idea of getting up before the sun has come up, I sat myself down at the table to check my email. It's a little maneuver I do to keep from going back to sleep on the couch. This morning my email … Continue reading Why Not?

Alone Time

There's this quirk in my personality: I desperately need time alone. Sometimes this desire—this need—gets exacerbated by daily existence here on the bustling island of Manhattan: partiers in the apartments just below and above us, commuting on the subway, work, and, like this weekend, a sold-out showing of a very long movie at the big … Continue reading Alone Time

Online vs. Print

Related to what I was musing about below when I confided how old-school I am when it comes to print publications, I just happened upon this post on Kelly Spitzer's blog: "Online vs. Print Publishing." It may be time to rethink my whole idea of what being "published" means. Agree?