Writing Spot on Lockdown

My weekend writing spot (a members-only organization in Manhattan) has a lot of rules: No talking in the room. No slamming doors. No hogging bathroom keys. No swiping magazines. No leaving desk unattended for more than an hour. No leaving dirty dishes in the sink. No leaving the coffeepot empty. No leaving food in fridgeContinue reading “Writing Spot on Lockdown”

Writers Helping Writers, Assumed Rejections, and Cake!

Good things first: e got me a “Happy Book Deal” cake this weekend and even as I type this I want another slice. (No, really, where is it? I want another slice.) I asked him if I would get a cake for every book deal and he said yes. Isn’t he wonderful? I hope thisContinue reading “Writers Helping Writers, Assumed Rejections, and Cake!”

Saying Yes to a Yes

I am so flattered and surprised by the outpouring of support from my announcement about my tween novel. How can I say thank you enough? Thank you! I formally accepted my formal offer from S&S* on Friday, so this whole publishing-a-book fantasy is real. (I think. I’m still in shock about the whole thing.) IContinue reading “Saying Yes to a Yes”

What HAS Happened: I’m Publishing a Book!

Below I expunged all the things that haven’t come my way lately, and do you know why? Because things were brewing for reals and I am—no joke—about to tell you some good news that I was hinting at before: I just got a formal offer on my first original tween novel from Simon & Schuster!Continue reading “What HAS Happened: I’m Publishing a Book!”

Things That Have Not Happened

I did not get a residency to the writers colony in the old haunted mansion where I would have most likely been unable to sleep for fear of seeing/hearing/feeling the fingers on my face of ghosts, and, besides, I don’t have the vacation time at work to do something like that, and, not to mention,Continue reading “Things That Have Not Happened”

The Absolute Best Thing That Could Happen When You Are Racing Toward a Deadline:

You get the flu! No, really! I’ve been sick since Wednesday night—basically immobile since Thursday night—and have so much work to do! There were times during the high points of my fever when I couldn’t even stress over the upcoming deadline, I just thought of it all in lazy colored shapes, easily confused, forgotten. IContinue reading “The Absolute Best Thing That Could Happen When You Are Racing Toward a Deadline:”