Warning: Ugly Ahead

If you know me in real life, please be warned: March will be ugly. It is very likely that I will be a monster for the rest of the month, possibly into early April. I can feel myself going rotten already, and I’m not yet clear on how bad it will get.

So you’re aware, I am trying desperately to write a work-for-hire novel (WFH) that I’ve had doubts about since the beginning and now it’s far too late to back out. WFH is not going well. WFH is in peril. WFH will not be turned in by deadline—I’ve already asked for an extra week. WFH makes me miserable and melodramatic and may well ruin my reputation as a work-for-hire writer for all future WFHs because I am very, very afraid I won’t be able to pull this one off.

All that is to say, if you see or talk to me this month, please don’t take it personally if I snap. Prepare for ugly. In advance I would like to say: I am very sorry.

That is all. Thank you for listening!


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