5 Unusual Things

Annika tagged me to reveal 5 unusual things about myself and I am having a hard time thinking of any! I must be more normal than I realized. I may have revealed some possibly unusual secrets here, but I’ll try to think of some new ones.

1. I hate donuts. Now, I’m sure there are lots of people who don’t like donuts, so maybe this doesn’t sound so unusual, but I have an enormous sweet tooth and am especially partial to sugary icing. My problem with donuts is far more personal. They remind me of the long drive to my estranged (see #3) father’s house and a certain Dunkin’ Donuts off the New Jersey Turnpike, and thus I can’t eat, or even bear to smell them.

2. My vegetarian diet has less to do with sparing animals from things like KFC’s terrible chicken cruelty (though the horror, the horror!) and more to do with the fact that I am easily grossed out and think the texture of flesh—animal or fish or bird or even citrus fruit—is just gross.

3. I find fathers who stick around to raise their kids strange. When I see fathers treating their children with obvious affection, it is like witnessing an alien encounter and I keep expecting the father to grow tentacles and suck out their kids’ eyeballs or something. I have one friend who is clearly a loving and attentive father. I find him amazing. But I guess it’s supposed to be normal for fathers to be fathers to their children.

4. I am a law-abiding citizen to a fault. I can’t even shoplift from a huge conglomerate, even if all the lights were off. But, in movies and also in life, I tend to side with the criminals.

5. Related to Annika’s confession that she loves the domestic arts, there is one thing in that arena that I love, and one thing only: ironing. I love to iron! I don’t have an ironing board at home (no room), but when I am in a hotel room I have been known to set up the ironing board and iron everything in the suitcase, even pajamas and e’s jeans (to his protests). Ah, steam.

If you want to play and reveal 5 unusual things about yourself, please tell!


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  2. Oh, yes! I love ironing. We don’t have a board either and so it’s a huge process for me to iron anything, but once I get set up (towel on the bar, which requires actually finding the bar) I am in heaven.

    I am just the opposite about fathers, constantly shocked that people are estranged from theirs. I think I must be really lucky, to have such a good one and be married to a good one, too.


  3. You know, I always wanted to ask about your vegetarianism and why you were vegetarian but then I wondered if that was a super personal question and never did. Yay memes!


  4. Hi, Courtney, You can ask! I was born a vegetarian. When I was around six or seven my mom started cooking chicken and stuff like that, and I choose to return to being a vegetarian for good around when I was twelve. I’ve never had red meat (except for one time at a friend’s house when I was served a hamburger, and I seem to recall I got sick), but I have had salami and bacon, if that counts. Deciding to become a vegetarian as a kid was not a hard decision: It seemed perfectly natural. Meat does not seem like food to me. I don’t miss it, and I can’t imagine I’d ever choose to eat it again.

    Problem is, if you eat out and get takeout as I do so often, you can’t control what meat your food is cooked with, or what can accidentally slip onto your plate. It makes me shudder and I try not to think about it.

    Once at a writers colony my lunch was left at my door in a picnic basket. Inside, according to that day’s menu, was supposed to be a “tofu wrap.” I bit in innocently and came away with a mouth full of chicken. I was so horrified! I just opened my mouth and all the offending bits fell down all over the table — I couldn’t chew or have them in my mouth for one second. Then I cleaned it up and didn’t eat lunch. I hope that never, ever happens again.

    That’s why e is always asked to taste my food. He eats meat. One time, in the Bahamas, I asked for vegetarian tempura at this weird Japanese restaurant. I got a plate full of ONLY shrimp tempura. I made e eat his dinner AND mine, politely, and he came away ready to burst. He also is a rockstar cooking vegetarian food for me. I love his tofu anti-meatballs!


  5. ! Thanks for filling me in. I think that’s totally awesome. I sympathize with the eating out thing… I try to eat as little red meat (okay, just beef) as possible and I’m always pushing aside thoughts of cross-contamination. Bleh!


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