This Week’s Annoyances

Know-it-alls. People who argue just for the sake of arguing. Big braggers. Having any discussion whatsoever about American Idol. Sugar-free mocha syrup when you didn’t ask for sugar-free. The 100 pages that still need to be written in less than three weeks. Submissions with no answers. Waiting for answers. Trying to wait patiently but beingContinue reading “This Week’s Annoyances”

Stabs at a Writing Life

I’m not thinking about much else but writing these days. Only, I’ve been exhausted—and here I type this with a headache—probably because I’m trying to push myself so hard. I am under deadline with a freelance writing project—and I am behind, very behind—and the day job is cutting into my time. I try to writeContinue reading “Stabs at a Writing Life”

8 Things About Me (That Have Nothing Whatsoever to Do with Writing)

Jade Park tagged me to reveal 8 things about me, so here goes: I am afraid of the number 8, which might be why this meme took so long to tackle. This also makes me a bit wary of this year—2008—but I’m trying to see past it (mainly because 2 + 0 + 0 +Continue reading “8 Things About Me (That Have Nothing Whatsoever to Do with Writing)”