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Here I Am Still Revising

Happy Earth Day. Happy Passover. Happy Spring. What day is it again? I am still revising. I am mad-scramble revising, push-it-till-you-drop revising. Can’t-even-form-a-proper-sentence revising. Stop-staring-at-me-from-across-the-room I’m revising. Revising so this can be over. Revising so I don’t take on another freelance assignment like this again. Revising, revising, revising until words have no meaning. When I … Continue reading


Losing Antioch

For those of you who may remember my posts from last year about the closing of my college, Antioch College, here’s a very sad update from The New York Times. This is the worst thing that could have happened. I have often told myself that one day I would publish books and I would give … Continue reading