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Absolutely No Reason to Be Awake This Morning

Folks, I finally turned in the first draft of the work-for-hire novel I was writing that had been driving me batty. I was two weeks and one day late from the original deadline, how mortifying. No feedback yet—though my heart, head, and gut are telling me I didn’t do such a good job, as this was not the book for me to be writing, but my head, heart, and gut are known to be immensely insecure so I am not sure if I should listen or not. I’m waiting for revision notes… so I can’t work on it right now.

I have no other freelance projects to work on, not a one. Such a relief, actually.

And my first real novel is awaiting notes on the outline, plus the contract, so I shouldn’t really continue writing that either.

Which means that there was absolutely no reason at all for me to get up so early this morning. I could still be sleeping! So what am I doing here, all set up at my weekday writing spot, plugged in and raring to go?

Habit, I guess.

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6 responses to “Absolutely No Reason to Be Awake This Morning”

  1. I wish I could say my own habits were as persistent. Live keeps getting in the way of my writing. Vet visits for the dog, nagging students, committee work. Blarrrg!

  2. Hey, the brain is a muscle, gotta keep it tuned up with some writing, blogging, journaling, anything that inspires a flow of words. Staying busy keeps us out of trouble, from turning those hellish powers of perception on OURSELVES. And that’s the LAST thing you want…

  3. Sounds like you have every reason to be up early this morning. Even if there is nothing that you actively have to write, there is still a big old world to receive. And perhaps this is a good time to write something secret, not for any deadline or publisher, but for you.

    There is so much goodness in your written words right now, optimism, hope. It is wonderful to read.

  4. You’re like those people who win the lottery and just go right on doing what they’ve always done — because they love to do it. You’re a writer. So you write. That’s all. And, of course, it’s everything.

  5. You know what? I’m really glad I got up yesterday morning (and again this morning). I started work on a revision of one of my stories and have been focusing on the new opening paragraph for _hours_ now. There’s something about it that’s so much fun, spending time carving those sentences. I haven’t gotten past page 1, but still… It’s nice.

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