Possible Excuses for Missing Deadline

  • My manuscript was stolen and I only just paid the ransom to get it back.
  • I am allergic to revision and had to take antibiotics and wait for the swelling to go down.
  • Bad spill. Can’t read revision notes.
  • Grizzly bears / wild boars / rabid pigeons ate it.
  • I had a finger injury and lost all ability to type.
  • I am boycotting writing until they free Tibet.
  • My computer started swallowing words until I had nothing left.
  • Alien abduction, a solid excuse for anything, anytime.
  • Gossip Girl / America’s Next Top Model / The Pussycat Dolls Present Girlicious was on TV.
  • Bad case of the hiccups.
  • Violent amnesia. I had a deadline? What, where, when?

Got a better explanation? I’m all ears.


6 responses to “Possible Excuses for Missing Deadline”

  1. let’s not forget

    –i realized that i’m a _______ addict and have checked into treatment
    –i got lost in a daydream and only found my way back this morning
    –“revision”? oh, i thought you said that your illness has gone into “remission.”
    –lions and tigers and bears, oh my
    –still upset about ongoing obama v. clinton
    –i need to finish the latest pynchon novel first for inspiration
    –the dog ate it

    sorry about the long list, but yours inspired me. now maybe i can actually do some writing of my own.


  2. ‘I’ve fallen in love with a womanizing bastard & I’m now too love sick, insane, heartbroken & distracted to be able to cope with completing any work. As there is no known cure for this serious affliction and this form of sickness can last for an indetermined amount of time I unfortunately cannot realistically tell you when I am able to complete any future projects. I would appreciate your understanding during this difficult period & will do everything I can to keep you updated about my condition’

    Unfortunately it’s true but I don’t think anyone would buy that excuse!

    I read about a woman who was late for work because her pet chicken’s feet were frozen to the driveway. Now that’s a good excuse !!


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