Finish It Already

“Have a good writing day,” e said to me at the door this morning. “Now finish it already, goddamn it!”

The “it” that has taken residence in the apartment, larger in the room than the largest elephant, is of course the revision.

It is a hurdle to write something you don’t want to write anymore, made worse when there is something you really and truly want to write—all sparkly and begging for you to come close to it—and you can’t touch it yet, you can’t let your hand rest on it for even one second, because you have to attend to the other thing, no matter how ugly it’s looking to you right now.

Sometimes I think writing freelance has been a real lesson for me in following the rules, making myself do things when I just don’t wanna, you know, acting like a grown-up when I am (secretly) not.

Sometimes I think writing freelance been one giant distraction, only that.

Either way, it will soon be over—I must finish it this weekend. No more excuses.

In other news, I sent in my signed contract today. As if all of downtown New York knew that that’s where I was headed this morning, the sidewalks were calm and cleared. I walked into the usually hellish post office to find no line—not a single delay—in walking up to the window to mail it off. I was told it will arrive on Monday. I can’t wait to continue writing that book!

But not yet, not yet. How could I forget the elephant?

I am still recovering from a state of panic from seeing Cloverfield last night, but other than that I’m focused. I’m revising. I have 100 pages to go.

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