What My Locker Reveals

Inside the storage locker at my weekend writing spot are the following items that I keep on hand in case I might need them at a moment’s notice:

  • 1 black sweater
  • 1 used plastic bag, for covering laptop if it rains
  • 1 Antioch Review magazine
  • 1 You Can Write for Children Writers Digest Guide
  • 2 Open City magazines
  • 1 large pencil case containing: 1 obligatory pencil (red); 1 stick of deodorant; 1 travel-size bottle of lotion; 1 plastic spoon; 1 plastic fork; 2 pairs of wooden chopsticks; 1 pen without cap; 1 cap without pen; a one-dollar bill (torn); 1 tea bag; 1 possibly three-year-old granola bar; 1 stale Hershey’s Kiss; spilled Nerds; 3 Starbucks straws; 6 Dayquil pills; 1 tower of rainbow-colored sticky notes; loose change amounting to 71 cents
  • 1 Paris Review magazine
  • 1 Vogue magazine
  • 1 incomplete copy of first literary fiction manuscript ever written (unpublished)
  • 1 full copy of second literary fiction manuscript ever written (unpublished)
  • 1 Tin House magazine
  • 3 old drafts of short stories (all unfinished, all unpublished)
  • 3 New Yorker magazines, including one Fiction Issue
  • 2 New York magazines
  • 1 draft of a manuscript for an embarrassing freelance project based on a movie about to hit theaters this summer (published)
  • 2 O Henry Awards anthologies
  • 1 pair of Chinese slippers
  • 1 pair of thermal slippers, a gift from Mom for my month at MacDowell
  • 1 outline of a young adult novel written under a house pseudonym and published a few years ago
  • 1 copy of The Paris Review Book of People with Problems
  • 1 copy of The Paris Review Book for Planes, Trains, Elevators, and Waiting Rooms
  • 2 A Public Space magazines
  • 1 set of colored markers (half missing)
  • 1 copy of Drugs Are Nice: A Post-Punk Memoir
  • Numerous spare Starbucks napkins (loose and crumpled)
  • 1 Bust magazine
  • 1 pair of socks (mismatched)
  • 1 CD backup of hard-drive from 2005

I think the above list reveals a lot about me. Also of note, the locker is the small size: square, about a foot high. It’s crammed so full I can’t fit too much else in there.

You might find it interesting—or pathetic—that I took 15 minutes to make this list, when I am well aware that what I really should be doing is revising.


3 responses to “What My Locker Reveals”

  1. I love it! I think the list out of my locker (if I had one) would be quite odd. It would definitely have some sort of chocolate in it, lots of pens, lots of lipsticks, and probably lots of notebooks and receipts. Your list is quite normal! It reads like a very well read person–gurl, you got a LOT o litmags in there!

    I wonder if I can find the equivalent of a locker in my life and make a list of its contents…(yes, I am avoiding writing too).


  2. Yeah, I guess that’s where all my litmags went, huh? But you brought up a very, very good point: Where is the chocolate???

    I must have eaten it!


  3. I love this entry. One of the first things I was going to ask was, “How big is it?!” I wish I had a locker I could list out. Hope those revisions are out of your hair soon.


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