After Revision

I turned in the revision yesterday morning before work. The weekend was spent doing only that; on Sunday I think I worked at it for 11+ hours. There were moments when I felt sure I couldn’t finish, but somehow I did finish, looking back I don’t know how. Then, after it was all over, I spent the entire day recovering—I am not sure how I was physically able to be at work, doing my job, but I was there and no one seemed to notice. Now, it’s a new morning and I have a growing headache. I could curl into a ball under the table at my morning writing spot right now… I could, but the floor is pretty grungy, so I won’t.

I’ve wondered how freelance writers can bang out these manuscripts on such tight schedules—if they can do it, I can do it, I said—but in reality I think maybe the freelance writers who are doing this don’t have full-time jobs. As for me, after doing both… let’s just say I’m exhausted.

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