After Revision

I turned in the revision yesterday morning before work. The weekend was spent doing only that; on Sunday I think I worked at it for 11+ hours. There were moments when I felt sure I couldn’t finish, but somehow I did finish, looking back I don’t know how. Then, after it was all over, I spent the entire day recovering—I am not sure how I was physically able to be at work, doing my job, but I was there and no one seemed to notice. Now, it’s a new morning and I have a growing headache. I could curl into a ball under the table at my morning writing spot right now… I could, but the floor is pretty grungy, so I won’t.

I’ve wondered how freelance writers can bang out these manuscripts on such tight schedules—if they can do it, I can do it, I said—but in reality I think maybe the freelance writers who are doing this don’t have full-time jobs. As for me, after doing both… let’s just say I’m exhausted.

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7 responses to “After Revision”

  1. Congratulations Nova! You rock!!!!!!!!!
    I have to say I envy your deadline. I think the reason my book has taken over 12 years is that I do not have a deadline or anybody saying, “You must do this.”


  2. I am so glad you made it through, and yes- I think it’s key to understanding how freelancers get through these types of deadlines all the time– no day job.

    Perhaps your headache is simply residual obligations to other people. Perhaps it will fade with Writing Yer Own Stuff ™.

    I sure hope so.


  3. YOU DID IT. Congrats–now it’s behind you and all good things are ahead. Treat yourself to something nice for all that hard work!!


  4. Congrats on getting it done! I’m only in the midst of helping someone else revise their manuscript (my first attempt to charge money for my editorial services) and all I can say is – ouch. I’m exhausted, and I’m not even writing anything OR working full time. You’re my hero.


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