Return to the Scene of the Crime, But Free!

I’m back at my morning writing spot, the place where my laptop’s hard-drive died, peeking at the table where it happened. I’m not being all doomsday, or even nostalgic—someone else is sitting in the table: a man charging his cell phone and drinking something out of a paper bag. So I can’t sit there even if I wanted to. You know, there are some mornings when this place is overrun with loud drunks or people sleeping off a long night who take up all the good tables by the outlets. I really need to find a new place to write before work, but nothing else seems to open early enough or is a close enough walk to the subway lines that would take me to my day job. Ah well. My battery will last another hour.

The good news is I turned in my second revision of the freelance project last night. (Will a third revision be needed? Let’s not ask.) If that project is indeed over, then I’m free! I’ve said no to new freelance projects again and again in the past couple of months—I said no to one just last week. Maybe it’s time to get my priorities straight. Or maybe I just can’t do it all and my exhaustion is getting the better of me.

Who cares. Either way, I look forward to not writing under assignment for a while. For now, I’m reading back my chapters of the novel now due in November (outline due July). Just reading them back to see where I am and gather up my ideas. All I have are these three chapters, 30 pages of a novel that will ultimately be about 150. I may have taken notes about my intentions for this novel, but they’re long gone and not even Tekserve could retrieve them. I will have to re-create my plan. There’s something really exhilarating about that. So… where do I go from here? … I’m so excited to be writing this at last.

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