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Story Salvaged, Workshop Awaits

The story found its way—I feel sure that the revision I ultimately came to is far better than what I lost when my computer died and ate it. Does that mean my computer was meant to die and eat the story so I could write an even better one? Let’s hope not. I don’t want to have to go to such drastic lengths whenever I do a revision.

I’ll read over the story one last time, be sure I’m okay with it, and then send it to the summer workshop to replace the version of the story I sent them to get in. This is the version the workshop will read and critique. (I was going to say “tear apart,” but I won’t say that, oh wait I just did, no I didn’t.)

Every time I think of being workshopped—since it’s been so long—I admit I get a smidge nervous. I’m thinking, Are you sure you want to do this again? But I applied to this summer workshop for many reasons. And I took on significant freelance work to pay for it. I have a plane ticket. I have a story. What more do I need?

The workshop is not till July. In the meantime this novel outline won’t write itself. Films on the horizon for inspiration include: The Lady from Shanghai, Touch of Evil, and The Big Sleep. But what I really want to watch is the new season of Weeds (on my Netflix queue). No, actually, what I want from today? A day off.

I’m tired.

5 responses to “Story Salvaged, Workshop Awaits”

  1. Just discovered your blog. Congrats on the pub. contract. Got an agent diligently shopping my manuscript…

    Would love to know which house you work at — for nostalgic reasons. I, too, lived in NYC and worked in book publishing: Warner Books and Doubleday as an editorial schlub.

    As a budding YA writer (I’m adult, mainstream) you may be interested in Joelle Anthony’s blog–she’s YA also.

    Which summer workshop are you going to? Missed my chance for this year, but next summer I’m thinking of Iowa, specifically for short story.

  2. Thanks! Congratulations to you on getting the agent and I hope it finds a home with a publisher very soon!

    I don’t want to put the name of the company I work for on this blog, but I worked for four years for one of the big houses in New York and now I work for another. Being an editorial schlub sounds a little exciting to me, I admit! — my job is on the non-creative side of things, in managing editorial / children’s books (which is how the whole YA thing got started, seeing as I got to read them for work).

    And I’m headed to the Tin House Workshop this summer — not for my YA writing but for my adult fiction.

    I’ve heard good things about Iowa, though I’ve never been. I’d recommend Sewanee — it was fantastic — and I’ve heard great things about Napa, Wesleyan, and Squaw Valley. Bread Loaf scares me, so I didn’t bother applying for a scholarship this year, but a friend went last year as a contributor and seemed to get a lot out of it. I’ve been trying to save up enough for the Tin House workshop for years though, so that’s the only one I applied to this year. Tin House is one of my most favorite literary magazines. I’ll report back on how it is, for sure.

    Thank you for visiting, and for the blog suggestion!

  3. Tin House is in my town!!! How trippy. It’s a good workshop, that’s for sure.

    I’m probably going to hit a few of the talks, though informally. A friend of mine knows Denis Johnson, who’ll be speaking the last keynote…

    Maybe I’ll see you there!

  4. What a coincidence.

    I had no idea Denis Johnson was doing the last keynote…… so, so excited. Hope to meet you there!

  5. I’m having similar feelings of angst over the workshop I’m going to in a couple of weeks. The story I submitted to get in was accepted for publication, so I sent another story, one that I’m sure will be torn apart, as it’s not nearly as polished as the story I submitted to get in.

    I keep asking myself – why am I doing this again??

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