Story Salvaged, Workshop Awaits

The story found its way—I feel sure that the revision I ultimately came to is far better than what I lost when my computer died and ate it. Does that mean my computer was meant to die and eat the story so I could write an even better one? Let’s hope not. I don’t want to have to go to such drastic lengths whenever I do a revision.

I’ll read over the story one last time, be sure I’m okay with it, and then send it to the summer workshop to replace the version of the story I sent them to get in. This is the version the workshop will read and critique. (I was going to say “tear apart,” but I won’t say that, oh wait I just did, no I didn’t.)

Every time I think of being workshopped—since it’s been so long—I admit I get a smidge nervous. I’m thinking, Are you sure you want to do this again? But I applied to this summer workshop for many reasons. And I took on significant freelance work to pay for it. I have a plane ticket. I have a story. What more do I need?

The workshop is not till July. In the meantime this novel outline won’t write itself. Films on the horizon for inspiration include: The Lady from Shanghai, Touch of Evil, and The Big Sleep. But what I really want to watch is the new season of Weeds (on my Netflix queue). No, actually, what I want from today? A day off.

I’m tired.

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