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Writing Superstition

In honor of Friday the 13th, here’s one of mine:

If I don’t get up early every single morning, if I don’t write every single day, if I spend a night hanging out with a friend, if I skip a day because I’m tired, if I watch too much TV, if I can’t get up the energy to write after work, if I want to lie down on the couch and do absolutely nothing, if I keep working full-time, if I don’t take risks, if I keep making excuses, if I keep saying if, I’ll never make it as a writer, never.

My superstition is made up of the impossible. I think it might be driving me batty. Just to blow it all off, I swear I’m walking under a ladder today.

What’s yours?

p.s. I take that back about the ladder. I might be ready to change my ways, but I’m not crazy!

6 responses to “Writing Superstition”

  1. I can think of lots of reasons to avoid the ladder. You’d be much safer having a black cat cross your path. I mean, kitty! How can you go wrong?

    My superstition is that I have a LOT of trouble telling anyone what I’m working on except in the vaguest of vagueries (which I think should be a word but spellcheck says isn’t). I suppose some of it is fear of theft or something, but mostly I’m afraid that if I say it out loud I’ll never finish it.

  2. My writing superstition is no sharing titles, characters or excerpts (I really want to do Teaser Tuesday someday but I can’t!) or the book will fall apart (and this did happen!!!). So basically my writing superstition is if you say it out loud in part or in whole, it’s a) not going to happen or b) it’s all going to fall apart.

    Not walking under a ladder is just common sense, though. 😉

  3. Nearly all the aforementioned supersitions apply to me, too! I also have this one: If I don’t somehow learn to write faster, I will never make it as a novelist.

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