What I Meant to Say

Oh. I forgot the whole point of this morning's post, well, the reason I started writing it anyway. I meant to talk about how completely, unabashedly insecure I've become with my writing. I have no idea how it can be that I've gotten more experience, and am a better writer for it, I hope, and … Continue reading What I Meant to Say

Don’t Say Fail

There's this thing about writing conferences (I sound so wise and I've only really been to two... well, if you count AWP as a lightning-fast taste of a conference without time to do any writing then I guess three) is you have these ENLIGHTENING MOMENTS while walking around being a so-called Writer in which you … Continue reading Don’t Say Fail

New Spot

I've found a new morning writing spot for the weekdays before the day job eats my life away for 8+ hours. The new spot is a great place—not a corporate monster chain, for one thing, so my mocha money is going to the local community and not to wherever it used to go before—and it … Continue reading New Spot


There are so many things I want to write! So many things half-done, partly done, started, stopped... and if only I had the time to give to them. I'm having a hard time focusing during my time off—how do other people do it? Yes, yes, I know everyone says "don't quit your day job," so … Continue reading Intentions