Personal Disclaimer

I wonder if I should walk around during the day wearing a sign that says:

I don’t really feel like talking.

Topics I do not want to talk about include: my writing, your writing, writing in the past, writing in the future, my progress with my outline, the beautiful state of California, lunch and what to eat for it, rejection letters received, rejection letters not yet received, the photocopies I will go to Staples to make during lunch, the title of my book that could be changing, literary agents, French restaurants, TV shows, babies and kittens, anything I may have done wrong at work in the past week—no, the past month, nameless petty depression and how going to the gym would supposedly fix it, alternative day jobs, lice.

Approved topics of conversation include: the weather, what was up with the F train last night, Jay-Z.

Yes, I’m in a touchy mood. Also, I suspect no one will want to talk about Jay-Z, which thankfully limits my topics of conversation to only two. Perhaps I should just keep the door closed?

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11 responses to “Personal Disclaimer”

  1. I think you should do it! If you are worried that it is too much to read, you could just do the Approved Topics. An abridged version of the sign, if you will. Though I really like the full version.

    I would tell you what the weather is like here, but that might be too close to talking about California, so instead I will simply say that I have no idea who Jay-Z is, and have been too embarrassed to admit it until right now.


  2. How about that weather, though, huh?

    I think if everyone had a personal disclaimer lots of the world’s problems would be solved. Maybe. Hang in there, Nova! Hope you’re feeling better soon.


  3. What a wonderfully quiet day I had! I was barely bothered and spent much of the day with the door mostly closed, going back and forth between two teen manuscripts. One is actually very good and well-written and interesting, but I know something awful is about to happen to the main character and I’m nervous for her. The other is very boring and involved lots of unnecessary talking about boring things and lots of walking across rooms and didn’t really get started until page 42. But I like reading in general, so the day was good.

    And, at last, when I came home _someone_ spent a good half hour talking to me about something on the approved-topic list (the enigma of Jay-Z, about which I have much to say, it seems) and so…

    I feel all better now.


  4. Oh, Nova, I can so identify with this. Only I feel this way all the time. I really would like a t-shirt that says “leave me alone.”

    I’m grateful for the poem Writer Reading posted; it put a smile on my face. Is this part of being a writer or poet, or is it just a bunch of grumpy people who happen to write?


  5. Children is pretty much the topic I don’t want to talk about nowadays. Heh heh, tough luck me!! I feel that if I *must* attend playgroups, I should be wearing a t-shirt like the one you described but maybe with just: “Don’t tell me your birth story!” inscribed on it.

    I don’t know who Jay-Z is either but I do love Hip-Hop, if he has anything to do with that.


  6. When we first moved to Brooklyn, we lived in a loft outside of the Marcy Projects where Jay-Z grew up.

    The F train had “signal problems around 4th Avenue” last night, making my trip home more loathsome than usual.

    Wanna talk?


  7. I hear you, oh do I!!! Especially when it comes to talking about the writing. It’s just so tiring to try to explain the life, the process, the day-to-day of it to folks who aren’t writers. Tires me out just thinking about it. And, besides, most people don’t want a real answer. They want something peppy like, Oh, the writing’s great and I just landed a publishing contract! Sigh…


  8. dare i add religion and politics in the no-fly zone?

    i can’t talk about writing to non-writers — if they find out i’m working on a novel, it’s all they want to talk about, and it’s the *last* thing i want to talk about.

    i like how one of the “related posts” is “furniture.”


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