Personal Disclaimer

I wonder if I should walk around during the day wearing a sign that says:

I don’t really feel like talking.

Topics I do not want to talk about include: my writing, your writing, writing in the past, writing in the future, my progress with my outline, the beautiful state of California, lunch and what to eat for it, rejection letters received, rejection letters not yet received, the photocopies I will go to Staples to make during lunch, the title of my book that could be changing, literary agents, French restaurants, TV shows, babies and kittens, anything I may have done wrong at work in the past week—no, the past month, nameless petty depression and how going to the gym would supposedly fix it, alternative day jobs, lice.

Approved topics of conversation include: the weather, what was up with the F train last night, Jay-Z.

Yes, I’m in a touchy mood. Also, I suspect no one will want to talk about Jay-Z, which thankfully limits my topics of conversation to only two. Perhaps I should just keep the door closed?

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