There are so many things I want to write! So many things half-done, partly done, started, stopped… and if only I had the time to give to them. I’m having a hard time focusing during my time off—how do other people do it? Yes, yes, I know everyone says “don’t quit your day job,” so I’m hanging in, but I wish I had more time to write in the mornings before I have to leave for work. I wish I had the energy after a day at work to go out to write, that I could be more focused while writing on the weekends. Why am I so tired all the time?

I will have to make some changes, learn how to better structure my time, but that will wait until I get back from this writers conference in July. Then I will have to come up with a plan.

In the meantime, I had a productive writing day today. Afterward, my fingers felt numb and my bones hurt. Now… sleep.

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